Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Online

The Responsible Service of Alcohol course is the nationally recognised unit SITHFAB002 – however, although the UNIT is nationally recognised, the version that we run is only accepted in 4 states: Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia.

If you live outside of Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, or South Australia – our RSA course is not for you. If you do live in Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia or South Australia – and you want to work in tourism or hospitality, our RSA course is perfect for you.

The RSA certificate is a compulsory requirement for anybody working in an environment where alcohol is available for purchase. The course equips you with how to serve alcohol, and also how not to serve alcohol. It assist with learning about customer service, and how to keep people who are consuming alcohol safe from a consumption point of view. This course even teaches you how to deal with intoxicated patrons who are attempting to purchase even more alcohol.

The RSA course will cover topics to help you deal with the various risk management and the compliance issues that you may face during a shift. You will feel equiped and empowered when you have completed the course work and realise you are one big step closer to working in tourism or hospitality. You’ll also learn invaluable life skills about the best practises around working with alcohol.

After completing the RSA course through AQT online, you will receive a certificate that you may download from our online student portal. You will then be able to include this information on your resume, and be able to serve and sell alcohol in licensed premises.

To find our more about our RSA course, and other related courses such as Responsible Service of Gaming (RSG) click the link here: or view our other courses at

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries!

– The AQT Team

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