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A White Card is the Australian National card that provides construction induction training. With the White Card, you have the safety information you need to enter a commercial construction work site. Without the White Card, labourers are not allowed to enter the job site.

AQT offer an online course that helps students achieve their White Card that is valid Australia wide.

Although AQT issue the Western Australian version of the White Card, you do not have to be in Western Australia to use it. You can be in Melbourne, or Adelaide, or Darwin and still use the Western Australian White Card.

The reason that AQT issue this White Card instead of state specific cards is so that you can complete your White Card course 100% online. You do not have to attend any face to face sessions when you complete the AQT White Card course.

Not all the states allow their version of the card to be provided after completing a 100% online course, but they do still accept cards from any other state, including Western Australia. That’s right – the Western Australian card is recognised Australia Wide – so you can use it wherever you choose to work in Australia.

Not only that, the Victorian Build Authority (VBA) even accept the Western Australia White Card now. The VBA are responsible for issuing owner builder permits in Victoria. All owner builders (people who want to build their own home without a licence builder) are required to have a White Card. Previously, the VBA would only accept the Victoria White Card – but NOW the VBA will accept the Western Australian White Card, or White Cards from any other state. This makes it a lot easier for those wanting to be owner builders and build their own house, as they no longer have to attend a face to face course to achieve their White Card.

So complete your White Card online with AQT today!

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